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Di na nasanay

Hindi na ako nasanay. Lagi namang ganito, mali kasi na magtampo, wala naman kasi ako dapat mnararamdaman, panganay lang naman ako, and my soul purpose in life, gawin ang gusto ng ibang tao.

Hoping there would be someone who can understand how I really feel right now.

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I don’t know why people voice out their rants about the governor issue here in Laguna. Would the people you rant about give a damn about your shit? Please, yes, he was voted by the whole province, but let us just accept the fact that he had abided the rule of law, that caused his disqualification.
But, if the COMELEC is doing this just to get rid of the opposition, yes, it should stop. But I know, that this is the start of a better administration. Stop the rants and please respect the decision and just allow the new governor to prove his worth. Wala pa ngang ginagawa, jinudge niyo na.

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Ma, here are the gifts I have for you on this special day


We would always be here for you, through highs and lows and will never let you down. We would be your source of strength, fight through all your struggles.


We give you this power, no other man can give for you. The power of love.


Since this is the only way we can ever communicate, we would always make sure to find ways and make way to communicate with you, even through the hardest of times.

But the best thing you will ever receive from us.


Your family, whom the source of everything would give you everything. We love you mama, Happy Birthday :’>

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I never believed that there would actually be a teacher that would know when you needed them the most.

I can say, I have the best ADVISER.

To ask me about what happened a while ago, it is really heart felt. Because I have been the apple of the eyes of my other teachers. Like everytime they hear my voice or even just hear my name, they would be staring like I killed someone. Except for my adviser. I really love how she supports and guides me through all this

Thank You!Ā 

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Why do people need to make scandals like rallies. Isn’t it informal and immature to cause such a commotion at a very important event for the Philippines? For all I know, there could be formality to your opposition to the Aquino Government.Ā 

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People can call me mama’s boy. Its so true. At least, i am not PALABOY, and most especially, my mama taught me not to be a PLAYBOY.

People can call me mama’s boy. Its so true. At least, i am not PALABOY, and most especially, my mama taught me not to be a PLAYBOY.